Mind The Gap

“Mind the gap.” A sign you see in every train station across the world. Paying attention to this 1 foot gap keeps you from certain disaster in any subway station. If you cross it at the wrong time… you’re gone. It’s created and intentional margin.  It’s the margin that keeps you safe. Yet most of our lives have very little margin built in. We push things to the limit and that leads to disastrous situations. What is margin? 


Recognizing that space and taking advantage of that space will keep you from certain burnout. Today… I recognize that I’m tired. Really tired. It’s been a very heavy season full of both heartbreaking and exciting things. Yet they are both equally heavy. 

In the past I would usually push through these moments. I’d tell myself I will be fine. In essence… I wouldn’t mind the gap. And I’ve been hit by many trains. 

Not any more. I’ve learned that no matter how strong I thought I was… if I crossed that line, I’m done. 

So today, I’m minding the gap. I’ve hit my limits and it’s time for a quick break. Me and the girls are heading to our absolute favorite place… the lake house. We will sleep, read, play games, talk, and sleep some more. 

Paying attention to yourself and knowing when you’ve hit your limit is key to longevity in life. 

So why about you? Are you minding the gap? Are you paying attention to yourself? Have you come to a place where you’re totally exhausted? What will you do about it?

And look… I know life is tough and we can’t always just throw our hands up and leave or take vacations. But you can find moments in your every day life. Little moments to step away and breath. Those moments will help you get through until you can retreat. 

I hope today you’ll find time to step away and refuel and recharge. 

Mind the gap!