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Hi. I’m Brandon!

I’m just a guy who enjoys communication. I’m a Writer, Speaker, and Lead Pastor at Coastal Virginia Church. I am on a journey to discover more about myself while also giving others grace to do the same!

I’m an avid sports fan. Roll Tide! I enjoy people watching, exploring new cities, and good coffee.  I’m fueled by creating change and seeing organizations progress.

I have been married to my wife Tiffany for 14 years. We have two beautiful daughters. God help me!

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  1. Good morning, evening, afternoon, wich ever it may be out there.
    I used to be a believer in God, untill year’s n year’s of unanswered prayer’s & crying myself too sleep most every night. Although I have kept all the good point’s of a church go’r , such as ” do unto other’s as you yourself would expect to be treated, turn the other cheek, we are all entitled to our own opinion, we are all equal”, I am strongly against any adverse judgment or am free of all prejudices. To cut yet another story short I am an Atheist.
    I don’t know exactly why , but admitting to that fact make’s me feel somehow ashamed, maybe it’s that many other atheist’s deny any other religion & bad mouth them all, therefor giving “the good ” atheist’s “a bad name “.
    I have alway’s thaught that “hate ” is a very strong word & should be used selectively . Yet saying that i do have a few “hates” in life wich ive only just admitted to myself , won’t bore you further with those.
    Changing the subject here, it’s a very windy but sunny day here so far. I suprise myself in saying ” can’t think of anything else to say ” lol. Hope your day go’s well , God bless you & your’s. 🙂

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