Facebook and Your Legacy

Facebook has created a new way for people to log in to your account well after you are 6 feet under. They call it the legacy contact. Apparently you an appoint someone to manage your account after you die. They are the one who controls your content to make sure your legacy lives on…


What kind of legacy is that? Do I really care if people remember that I had Indian food on Feb. 3rd 2014? Do I want to be remembered as a guy who took selfies are weird places? And to have proof that they actually happened?

Do I tell my wife on my deathbed…  “Whatever you do… Don’t let anyone forget that I took a picture with Nick Saban! Make that my profile picture every September!”

Thats just crazy! But let’s talk about Legacy for a few moments?

What do you really want to be remembered for when you’re gone?

And by who? People with an icon on your screen who we really just spend our lives comparing ourselves to? Are you really trying to forever remember that your Disney Trip in 2011 was better than everyone else… So please repost that about a month after Im gone!

Now don’t get me wrong. I enjoy Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…  I truly love seeing everyone. It’s a fun way to stay connected with people… But it’s hardly my legacy!

I want to be known by my wife as a loving, caring husband. Who would do anything for her.

I want to be know as a great Dad who loved his girls unconditionally, never missed big event, and kissed them goodnight as long as they would let him!

I want to start churches all over the world where people that I will never meet will always have a place to go worship! I just got word that we have started new churches in Peru, Tanzania, and Nicaragua today!!!

And Most importantly as a Christ follower who was always grateful for a grace that I didn’t deserve. And in return I showed as many people the same grace in which I received!

And those moments will never be captured on Social Media! Those are behind the scene moments. And those are really the moments that leave a legacy!

All this other stuff is just that… stuff!

You want to leave a real legacy?!?! Get off your computer. Go out an make a difference in someone’s life!

Let’s preserve that legacy!