Tadpoles in a Tire Rut

Ruts… we all go through them in life. Nobody enjoys the feeling of being stuck. There are currently over 676,000 google searches revolving around the idea of ruts. How we got there. How to get out. How to avoid them. Etc…

Doing the same old thing, day after day, with no end in sight, seems like the thing that will be the death of us all. When we’re in ruts, we stop dreaming. We lose perspective. It zaps us of our energy and passions. It leaves us unsure of what to do to restore our sense of excitement and joy. 

So we google. And read. And try to do exactly what all the experts tell us. And if most of us are honest… it’s to no avail. It didn’t work. It may have felt like a breath of fresh air for a minute, but we fall right back into the rut again. Right back where we started. 

What if I told you we could learn a lot from just staying in the rut. Accepting the rut. Ready to learn from the rut. 

What if there was life in the rut?

As I was walking along the CoVa Church property line yesterday… I came across a rut made by a huge tractor. We have a lot of construction going on these days, so the ruts are plentiful. I came across a rut filled with rain water and it had tadpoles in it! I was amazed. How in the world could that have happened? 

And I heard a voice inside of me say “What you saw was destruction and big hole in the ground. What I saw was the perfect breeding ground for new life to form!”

In life we go through difficult, stagnant, boring, overwhelming moments. And all we can do is think about getting out of those moments. We try everything we can to avoid the pain and suffering of those moments. But what if we became comfortable with those moments. 

What if the next time you find yourself in a rut… instead of trying to figure out where you went wrong and how to get out, you began to ask yourself… What am I supposed to learn about myself while I am here? How might this time period be beneficial for my future success? What might God be trying to say to me?

Let’s all change our perspective at little. Maybe, just maybe, our ruts in life are the perfect breeding ground for new life to be formed. 

Just a thought.