My Values


I believe we are to be the light of the world. Light is used for many things. To bring growth. To bring healing. To bring hope to the lost. Missions is a vital part of who I am. I am currently leading an effort to build as many churches and community centers around the world as I possibly can. To be light around the world!


We all have our stories. It’s what makes us unique. But rarely do we take the time to hear the stories of others. We never stop to think about the person who cuts us off in traffic. Maybe she’s on her way to the hospital to see someone. Or the Lady in the Walmart line who is rude. She could have possibly just received horrible news. 

We don’t think about those things. We just get aggregated. I think we should stop and take time to hear the stories of others. It’s our stories that connect us!


We are all blessed with so much. The fact that most of us have cars to drive and a roof over our head puts us in the top 1% in the world. We should give!

But I’m not just talking about being generous with money. I’m also talking about being generous with our time. We spend so much time on our phones and starring at televisions… That’s time we could spend out with our kids… Or volunteering somewhere. I believe we must be just as generous with our time as we are with our money!

Hospitality & Family

I want everyone to feel as welcome as possible around me. It has always been my goal to create a place where people smile when they walk in. Where people are attentive to each other’s needs. And a place where everyone feels as though they were the priority. Hospitality played a huge role in the establishment of the early church… And I think it plays an even bigger role today. People will not stay where they do not feel welcome. May we always put others ahead of ourselves. 

I believe in doing everything I can to build strong families. From helping marriages succeed through counseling…. To giving our kids an awesome place to go to church. A place they love to be. I want to help families grow together. 
But I also believe in building a family atmosphere within our church. I want people to walk in the door and feel as though they are family. I want it to be as welcoming as possible. We are all one big family watching out for each other. 

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