A Open Letter To MTV

Dear MTV, I think it’s time we all break up! And this time… It’s not me… It’s you! I used to love the Top 10 videos you showed.  Pimp my ride was a great show. I didn’t even mind Laguna Beach. 

But now… Now you’re just trashy!

You began to celebrate things such as teen pregnancies and created shows about teens exploring their sexual preferences and orientations in the show “Faking It.” But last night… The VMA’s was an all time low!

I admit… I didn’t watch but maybe 5 minutes of the show. Primarily because I have young girls in the house and you chose to have Miley Cyrus, one of the saddest stories of self destruction, host the show. 

I saw 2 parts. 

First… Justin Bieber perform. I love the Biebs! Incredible voice and did a great job back on stage. At the end of his performance… He was overcome with emotion. It was a great moment. The crowd was cheering wildly! And in a moment… Miley comes out and takes off her coat essentially wearing nothing!

Completely taking the focus off of what Justin had just done and focusing back on herself. And it was disgusting!

Second… The final performance of the night featuring Miley and a host of Drag Queens parading around in next to nothing screaming the “F” word in every other sentence. All while doing explicit acts on stage. For the entire world to see. 

When the show ended… My wife and I just sat in silence for a few minutes. The room felt heavy. We were both trying to process what just happened. 

And then the emotions hit me. 

1. I was angry!

I was angry because I’m a father of little girls. And there were girls all across this world who were completely disrespected last night. I wonder how many girls watched Miley perform on stage and thought that was ok? How many girls will begin to act out and disrespect themselves based on the role Miley plays in pop culture? Because once you get on that stage with the lights on you… You’re leading people whether you like it or not. 

I was angry at the society we live in! Is this really the world we want to leave our children? In debt up to their eyeballs. Everyone confused about their own identities. Guys parading around like girls… And females trying to take on the role of a male. It’s sick! And we allowed it to happen… All in the name of tolerance. 

If you disagree with someone now you’re labeled intolerant. As if that’s a bad thing. We don’t have to agree on everything! Look… If I begin to say the moon is made up of cheese… You’d think I was crazy. But in the society we live in now… I’d say you’re intolerant. 

It’s all crazy… And fighting for YOU’RE truth doesn’t make it THE truth. 

I’m angry about the way our nation seems to be going… And it’s all because we are scared to be called intolerant. I want better for my girls!

2. I was sad!

I was sad for this girl who was hosting a show that seemed lost. She was trying so hard to be accepted by everyone. She wanted to be funny. She wanted to be crude. She was trying to make her mark and have everyone talking about her. 

Well she got it. But for all the wrong reasons. I think any well functioning person in society just feels sorry for her. She’s obviously overcompensating for something. What? Who knows. But I hope she figures it out soon. 

I was sad that you MTV, were using the destruction of a young woman for your own personal gain. You chose her not because you thought she’d be a great host… But because you knew she would be a train wreck and people love to see that!

To exploit someone for your own selfish gain sounds a lot like prostitution to me! And that… MTV is what you’re doing!

3. I was convicted!

What am I doing to stop you? Have I used my voice and the platform God has given me to bring awareness to what you’re saying to our children? Nope. I like others have turned a blind eye to what you’re doing MTV. Dismissing you as just ridiculous TV. 

But you’re bigger than just stupid shows. You are the one influencing culture. You’re the ones exposing our kids to twisted society and telling them it’s normal. You say you’re giving people a “voice” and a opportunity to “express themselves.” Nothing could be further from the truth. You’re really confusing them. Making them unsure of who they really are. 

So now what…

Are we to just sit back and watch you MTV ruin the next generation coming up so you can make money? Are we supposed to be ok with you corrupting our children? 

Nope! Our kids matter way to much to us!

It’s time for parents to start fighting back. It’s time to clean up the mess you’ve created. It’s time for you to not be allowed on public television. If people want to subscribe to your junk. Feel free. But my children should not have to scroll through television and see a throughly confused 20 year old grabbing her crotch and screaming the “F” word!

And I know some will say “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.” Yes… I know that… But children are different. They will stop on anything that looks entertaining. And they can’t make a judgement call as to what appropriate or not. That’s why parents are vital to their growth. They’re still learning. 

It’s time we as parents take this generation and add more stability to it. Stability that you’ve helped take away!

I’m not someone who is easily offended… But enough is enough!


A Father who wants the best for his girls!



  1. I was livid. I was dumbfounded. I was embarrassed. M.C was as humanly disgusting as she could be. And K W Oh my Dear Lord is he Ok ?? I am not sure I felt sorry, or I was angry I was wasting my time or wondering if I should contact advertisers to X MTV.

  2. “It’s time for you to not be allowed on public television.”…That’s just it, MTV is not “public television”. MTV is a cable channel that you pay for. I will be that person that says, “if you don’t like it, don’t watch it”, or better yet, don’t pay for the channel if you don’t like the content.

    • Chelsea… You can’t simply not pay for that channel. If you get Disney… You get MTV. Again… If that’s what they want to show on their channel. That’s fine. The main concern isn’t me watching it. It’s my children scrolling past it. It’s trash. It should be a separate package people should paid for. Much like HBO.

  3. If you don’t like it, remove/block that channel from your TV guide. I’ve done it on my TV as I don’t watch kids shows (ie: Disney) or MTV and I don’t want to have to scroll through it. I’m sure pretty much all TV providers have this option.

  4. I personally did not watch the vma’s, to be honest, I’ve never watched them. Back in the day I saw “head bangers ball” on MTV2. That said, as much as I am no fan of what our society has become, and not to excuse MTV but, It is we that have a responsibility towards our families, not our government, schools, churches and certainly not MTV. To each parent their own solution, but lets be honest with each other, a TV channel is interested in ratings, not if your child is getting morally wholesome television. George R.R. Martin once said in an interview, our nation is interesting, I could write in great detail about how I am hacking someone to death and no one says anything. The moment sex is involved everyone panics. Is it sad how low MTV has gone, of course. But like others have said before, you don’t have to watch it.

  5. Personally I don’t care what Mikey does. I’m upset with MTV. This use to be a channel that provided music, news about musicians, collaborations, fun shows. I loved seeing performance that deserve the stage for their talent and not shock value. I wanted to watch it with my kids…and then Miley started blowing corn on the cob and my daughter looked at me confused. I just said it not appropriate. Then we continue and I see she is clearly uncomfortably because I look over and she’s covering her eye without me telling her to. That was it. Our fun night was over. I watched the whole show while they were in bed. What trash! I have watched MTV since it’s conception. No quality, I’m out. Enjoy next generation. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…..it’s a duck.

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