Finding Your Rhythm

Rhythm is a regular and repeated pattern of movement. Mostly associated with music and dancing. Now I’m no musician or dancer (although I’m a beast at Just Dance)… But I do know when someone has rhythm or when music is in rhythm. With that being said… I also know when someone is not in rhythm. We can hear it. We can see it. If you’ve ever been to a Middle School band concert you know what I’m talking about. Or if you’ll recall Steve Martin in the movie “The Jerk” on the front porch with his family awkwardly trying to find the rhythm. 

It’s painful to watch or hear something that is out of rhythm. 

I feel like my life has been out of rhythm since April. I’ve traveled way to many days each month the past 6 months. When I’m in town… I haven’t been able to continue a pattern because all I could see is the next trip ahead. I felt like my life was a 12 year old boy who had just been given a trombone. I was making noise… But it was horrible!

I was in desperate need to find my rhythm. And a large part of being able to do this was saying no to opportunities. Even really good opportunities. That’s hard to do sometimes. But it’s vital in getting myself back in a good healthy pace of life. 

Here’s a question for you: Is the pace at which you’re living your life sustainable?

If the answer is no… You’re out of rhythm. Yes we all have seasons of intensity. Where we are all over the place. But if one season rolls over to the next with no break in between… You’re in trouble. You must slow down. You must catch your breath. Or you’ll surely burn out!

As for me… I stopped booking opportunities through the end of this year. I even gave up a free trip to Spain! All to catch my breath and find my rhythm. 

School is now starting. And it seems as if my household is starting to find the rhythm again. And it’s much needed. 

If life is moving at an incredibly fast pace right now and you feel exhausted… You’re out of rhythm. It’s time to slow down. Say no to things. Even good things. And the moment you do… You’ll feel like a new person… Or like Steve Martin when he finally finds his rhythm! 

Take a deep breath. Slow down. Enjoy today.