Super Heroes Don’t Get Tired

As I was running around the house this morning playing with my four year old she stopped me and said “Let’s be super heroes!” I thought it was a great idea. She said “I am Princess Purple Power!”… And you are “Prince Char-mon… Power Prince!”

So we ran around, saving the kingdom and defeating dragons. At one point we stopped and I yawned. Princess Purple Power saw me yawn and was offended. 

She then yelled “Super Heroes Don’t Get Tired!”

And I feel like that has been my motto for the last 3 years…  But that has flaws. 

I wanted to appear to everyone that I can handle anything, any situation , and that I never get tired. But I do. It wears on you after a while. Prince Char-mon… Power Prince gets tired. Believe it or not. 

Super Heroes DO get tired. And that’s ok. 

Even heroes need a break every now and again!

What do you do to rejuvenate? 

Brandon Hester