Dig Deeper: Stories

  At the very core of who I am… I believe it is my job to make the Gospel message as simple and easy to understand as possible. I have never wanted to present a message in such a way that people walk out not having a clue what I was talking about… Or how to relate it to their everyday lives. 

I spend no less then 20 hours a week preparing for sermons. A large part of that is taking something that is a page long… And making it a paragraph. And then taking a paragraph and making it a sentence. 

The plain and simple truth. The “Big Idea” is what I try to bring to the table. 

But there are some of you out there that want to dig a little deeper into the message. And I must say… I love it! 

So from now on… On Sunday nights at 6pm… I will be posting a “Dig Deeper” blog. The post will contain materials gathered in writing the message. Scriptures that are associated with the message. And some questions for you to think on and answer throughout the week. All will be based on the sermon that was given that day. 

If you missed the sermon… You will be able to view it on our website Monday afternoon. 

7.12.15         Ethos: Stories


  • Matthew 13:10-17
  • Mark 5:1-20
  • Luke 7:18-23
  • Luke 8:26-39
  • Judges 2:6-10


  1. Why did Jesus find it important to use parables?
  2. Why is it important for you to share your story?
  3. Identify so things in yourself that keep you from sharing your story?
  4. Is it just as important to listen to others stories? Why?

Brandon Hester

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