You Have The Right To Remain Silent!

  Miranda Rights… It’s something we have all heard since going through the D.A.R.E program in middle school. And it starts out by reminding us that we have the right to say nothing. We have the right to keep our mouths closed. If we choose… We do not have to answer any questions asked. That’s our right!

And to an extent… That’s a right we are using at the wrong time in history. Especially as Christians. In a world full of chaos… We have been silent. Instead of offering the hope we have found in Christ… We have offered nothing. Keeping our mouths closed. 

Every day we encounter people who are struggling with real issues… Divorce, sickness, financial distress, etc… And instead of offering to talk to them and pray for them… We pass by with our blinders on trying not to make eye contact with anyone. 

The world is in chaos. And I do have the right to remain silent… But I don’t have the ability to!

If I believe God truly is who he says he is. If I believe that this God I worship can radically change my life… Then I can’t just keep it to myself. I HAVE to tell people about it. It would be like having a cure for cancer locked away in a safety deposit box. I have the hope people are looking for… But I’m not sharing it?!?!  That’s crazy!

This reminds me of the story in Mark 10 of blind Bart.  He heard Jesus was coming by and he began to shout for Gods mercy. Everyone around him tried to silence him. But he would just scream louder! Until Jesus gave him what what he was looking for. 

It’s time for us to lift our voices. 

Yes… You have the right to remain silent. But we should not have the ability to. God is just too good!

Brandon Hester