You can’t take my Religious Freedom

  There is so much going on in the world today. Wars abroad and at home here in the US. The wars fought over seas are for our freedom and safety as people of the US. And we can never fully thank all those who are fighting on our behalf. 

Then there are the wars going on right here in our own back yard. Racial wars. Sexuality wars. And now Religous wars. 

Christianity has become public enemy #1!

We have been framed as people who are hateful and intolerant. Because of the standards we live by… It’s now we who are condemned.

And our government is fearful. They are fearful of every group but Christians.  Our Government has tried to become “Politcially Correct” as to try not to be offensive to any group. But Chrisitans. 

So as groups begin to cry out against Christianity… The Government is beginning to “take away” our Religious Freedom…. The funny part!

They CAN’T take away our religious freedom… Because they never GAVE it to us in the first place!

The US Government did not die on a Cross to save me from anything!

The US Government is not the hope of the World!

Not once have I felt the peace of the US Government during hard times. 

My faith is not in the US Government. 

So feel free Gorvernment…  To continue to try and make every group happy. It will never happen. Go ahead and try to create laws that go against what I stand for…  I don’t care. 

My true freedom in found in Christ alone!

Brandon Hester

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  1. I’m a Christian and I am not under attack by my government. Those who seek to force their religious views on others cause the problems in our country. A strong separation of Church and State protects all citizens. Christianity is not the “State ” religion & all my non-Christian friends are thankful for that as am I, for my interpretation of Christ’s teachings are very different from the Conservative right of our faith.

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