Why I Applaud Pres. Obama!

Leading is tough. Your ideas and thoughts will always be challenged. People will always disagree with the direction you try to lead them. I mean… Most families can’t even agree what to have for dinner. But that is what leading is. Making tough decisions even when you know people will disagree. 

President Obama is right now… The Leader of our Country. 

What most people don’t think about… He doesn’t just make decisions by himself. He doesn’t sit alone and think of ways to either make our country better… Or destroy it. He has many advisors. Many people with whom he runs his ideas through… As well as listen to the ideas of others and embody them as his own. 

Now here is the kicker… And the reason why I applaud him…

He stands up and takes tough questions from people. He answers them as best he can. And he tries to explain his way of thinking. He doesn’t hide behind his desk. 

I can say as a leader… Many ideas are not your own. They have been worked through with a board of advisors. But you… As the leader… You will be the one to get up and take the punches. 

I’m watching the President right now fielding tough questions about negotiations he wasn’t a part of. It’s Obama… Not John Kerry who is having to give account. And that isn’t easy. But that’s the job of the Leader. 

Although I disagree with the President most of the time. And I do think the negotiations with Iran are horrible… I do applaud him for getting up and answering the tough questions. 

That’s the mark of a Leader. 

And I’m not looking for this to start a debate about Obama…  I know many of your thoughts. And I have my own… This is simply a quick post about appreciating him stepping up and answering questions instead of hiding. 

Brandon Hester