Who You Are vs. Who You’re Not

  It’s Monday. You’re tired and you’re heading into another long week. Here’s a quick reminder of who you are in Christ. You may even need to say these out loud all week long!

  • I am Brave… Not Fearful
  • I am Strong… Not Weak
  • I am Joyful… Not Depressed
  • I am Kind… Not a Jerk
  • I have Peace… Not Anxiety
  • I am Patient… Not Impatient
  • I have Self Control… Not controlled by emotions
  • I walk by faith… Not by sight
  • I am Loving… Not hateful
  • I am humble… Not Proud
  • I am grateful… Not Envious
  • I am Gentle… Not Rude

I am More then a conqueror through Christ!

Now go out and have a great week!  Remember who you are. Tell yourself this constantly! 

Brandon Hester