When You Can’t Afford A Coke!

  We have had 3 amazing days here in Peru. I have truly been broken in this short amount of time. The things that we think are so important… Just aren’t. The people are so beautiful and friendly. And they all want to take a picture with tall Americans!

It’s funny how sometimes we can get so caught up in what we have… That we begin to identify with them. Whether it’s a new nice car, a bigger home, or the newest phone. We like to show off how much we have. And it’s stupid!

Every church we have visited in the last 3 days has been an amazing experience. They are nothing more than concrete rectangles. And the people of the churches are so proud of them. We are seated in small plastic chairs while people of the church come and say thank you for our support. The children then perform a Peruvian Dance for us. It’s awesome. But then on our way out… Something incredible happens. 

They all are so proud to hand us a bottle of Coke!

It is a sacrifice for them to purchase these cokes… But they know Americans like them. At one point I had 6 bottles of Coke… And I had only taken a few sips out of each one. 

But something happened yesterday that I will NEVER forget for the rest of my life!

We visited a small church and they did the same routine as the others… But at the end… We were told they couldn’t afford to buy us a Coke… So instead… 

The little children came and washed our feet!


I was a wreck! Everyone was a wreck! What shows a servants heart more then that. Who cares about Coke. I don’t even like Coke. 

So three days in… God is continuing to rock my world. I’ll be in touch again soon. 

Brandon Hester