What I Learned in My First 2 Years as a Pastor’s Wife!

I have had so much positive feedback from my post about the 10 things I have learned in my first 2 years as Lead Pastor… That I thought it might be helpful to some if my wife wrote about the same. The role of a Pastors wife may be even tougher than being the Pastor.
Here are 5 things she has learned in this journey…
This journey can be (and has been) an adventure, exciting, intimidating, challenging, worthwhile…the list could go on. There’s so much to learn as we grow and lead and continue on in this endeavor. Today I decided to talk about just a few things that I’ve learned in the short time that we’ve been pastoring GTC. Welcome to our journey…
1. I can’t be all things to all people…nor do I have to.
This has been a hard one. Because of my heart to serve, I want to be able to do and be everything for everyone. I love people and want to see them living in their full potential, living free and alive…with their needs being met. But I have come to realize that people’s ability to thrive doesn’t rest solely on me. And it shouldn’t. It’s MY job to point them to the One who CAN fully enable them to do just this. And man, that’s liberating 🙂
2. No doesn’t mean I don’t care.
In the life we live and lead, boundaries are important. For me and for you. We can’t serve with our whole hearts if we are giving pieces of it to everyone just for fear of saying “no”. For far too long I have said “yes” to everything, believing that if I said “no” people would think either that I didn’t care or that I wasn’t capable. And neither one are true…I’m just saving my yeses for places and times that I can be most affective and most fulfilled in the calling God has placed on me. 
3. Support for my husband is more important now than ever.
What people don’t (or maybe do) know is that we receive way more negative feedback than positive. And the enemy is quick to pounce on that and tries to blind us from all the good by shifting our focus to the bad. 
I see this affect my husband in ways that no one else ever sees. I see the sleepless nights, the heartache, the replaying in his mind. His shepherd’s heart wants to see all his sheep happy. 
And that’s when I see that my voice of positivity is vital to counteract the voice of negativity. To, often times, replace the lie with truth. To remind him of who he is and that I am proud of him…and that he’s making an eternal difference. 
4. There are some people that just won’t be happy.
That one is pretty self explanatory. There are some people who won’t be happy with anything we do. Even if it’s something they wanted us to do. So I have determined that as long as we give them a platform to be heard and we aim to please the Lord in all we do, that’s all we can do.
5. You have to believe the truth, even when you don’t believe it. 
The enemy would love for us to believe that we are not capable, not equipped, and not good enough to do the work that God has called us to. But that’s not what God says about me. And what God says about me is true. Sometimes I have to choose to believe the truth even when I don’t feel it. I have to free myself from the lie that I’m not good enough or equipped enough to live out the calling that God has given me. So I choose to know and believe the truth and believe in my calling and my God-given gifts that equip me for it…even in the moments my emotions want to lead me not to.
So there it is… 5 things I have learned in the first 2 years of being a Lead Pastors wife!
If you are a new Pastors wife and need any encouragement… email me here.

Brandon Hester

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