What Amazes Jesus…


  • It’s not how much you read your Bible. 
  • It’s not how long you spent in prayer. 
  • It’s not how many hours you volunteer at church. 
  • It’s not how much scripture you can quote. 
  • It’s not even how many people you have brought to church this year. 

What amazes Jesus is two things:

1. A gross demonstration of unbelief. 

In Mark 6 Jesus goes back to his home town and begins teaching. At first they were amazed. Until they realized who he was. In that moment… Everything changed. They took offense at him. 

Jesus was unable to do any miracles in his own home town because of the fimiliarity that the people had with Jesus. 

And in Mark 6:6 it says “Jesus was amazed at their lack of faith!”

2. A great demonstration of faith. 

In Luke 7 a Centurion hears that Jesus was coming and sent some of his elders to get him. His servant was sick and about to die.  Jesus agreed and was on his way when the Centurian sent someone else to say don’t worry about coming here… Just say the word and she will be healed. 

Jesus was amazed by the faith of the guy. He even says he’s never encounter such faith in all of Israel. 

Unbelief and Radical Faith are the only things that truly amaze Jesus. 

The crazy thing… It takes just as much effort to not believe as it does to believe. 

Those who didn’t believe missed out on so much. Those who did believe saw him do incredible things. 

Maybe you’re faced with a tough situation today and you’re not sure what to do. 

You can either believe that Jesus can’t do anything for you… Or you can believe that Jesus can turn any situation around. 

It’s your choice. 

I chose to believe!