We Ran The Gaunlet and Finished… (And I’m Exhausted)

It’s May 26th and I’m still alive. Barely. Yesterday ended a two month stretch that was insane. Tiffany and I kept thinking there was no way we were going to be able to make it through that time frame and still keep our sanity. But we did. Sort of. 
It started the week before Easter… Getting ready for what is our biggest day of the year at church. We tend to do an overhaul of the church that week to create a new sense of energy on Easter Sunday. It was a great Easter. Next… 3 days later we jumped on a plane to Peru for 9 days. And visited more then 25 churches while we were there. Once we got back we spent multiple days in Baltimore for various events. All while the Baltimore Riots were going on. 

Once we got back in town… We had Karsyns very first play she was in. It was awesome… But we didn’t get home every night that week until after 11. Once that ended we had our eyes fixed on our Memorial Day event at the church. A lot of work goes into that event to make it great for the community. And it was just that… An awesome time. 

But something else always falls on Memorial Day weekend… My daughter Karsyns birthday. So Last Friday night we had a house full of screaming girls who did not stop screaming until early Saturday morning. Yesterday was Karsyns actual birthday… So we spent the day doing everything she wanted to do. 

Not to mention doing all of this while trying to effectively Pastor people, meet their needs, and have a sermon ready on Sunday’s!

Which leads me back to today… May 26th. We have ran the gauntlet and survived. My body hurts. I’m mentally exhausted. But I made it. I’ve been constantly reminded by Mentors in this stretch… That I simply can’t run this pace forever. It’s not sustainable. And they’re right!

So today I’m beginning to throttle back. Taking a bit of a break. Summer is usually a good time for this. And I will be working hard behind the scenes… Gearing up for what looks to be an amazing Fall!

If my schedule sounds familiar to you… And you find yourself exhausted. Take a break. There will always be things to do. And if you don’t make up your mind to take a break… Others will continue to add on to your pile. 

Pause and Rest… 


Brandon Hester