Tortoise and Goats

There is a fantastic show on CNN right now called the Wonder List. Storyteller Bill Weir travels to the top 10 most deserted places on Earth and shows us how the people and animals survive there. It’s remarkable!

On last nights episode he traveled to the Galapogoes Islands, a place that is on my bucket list, and began to talk about the history of the islands and why so many of the animals are either on the endangered list or extinct. 

On the top of the list were the Galapagoes Giant Tortoise. These creatures are amazing. They weight upwards of 200 lbs and live to be 150 years old. But they are nearly gone. Pirates used to take them by the dozens so they could have something to eat. But they didn’t just want to take from the islands without giving back… So they left Goats in the Tortoise place. 

The problem now… There are very few Giant Tortoise on the Islands… And thousands of Goats. The goats are eating everything, making it impossible for the tortoise to have any food. So these giants are dying off quickly.

Fast forward to today… The Park Rangers of the Islands had to make a tough decision…. One they admit hurts them. They love all animals… but they decided to kill off all the Goats so that the Tortoises could live. And it’s working… Within the first 2 years… The tortoise population is growing rapidly. 

Life Lesson: Sometimes you have to be willing to get rid of some Goats so that the Tortoises of the Island can thrive!

Tortoise:those good things in life that truly belong. Family, Friends, Faith, etc…

Goats:those people, habits, and situations in your life that want to bring you down and stop you from succeeding. 

You may need to get rid of some negative “friends” in your life. So that you can be happy. 

It’s time to cut up your credit cards… So that you can thrive financially. 

Pastors… You may have to ask some people to find a new church home in order for the rest of your church to have a health place to worship. 

But one thing is certain… If you want the Tortoise to have a chance to thrive… You’ve got to get rid of the Goats. 

Brandon Hester