Today Is Not A Day For A Moment Of Silence!

There are moments in your life that you will never forget. Some of these moments are exciting. The first day of college. The day you got engaged. The day you had a child. Some moments are sad. The moment your child goes off to college. A bad report from a doctor. A loved one passing away. 

Then there are moments of shear terror in our lives that we will never forget. Some remember where they were when President Kennedy was shot. Some tell stories of the attack on Pearl Harbor. 

For my generation… We will never forget where we were on September 11th, 2001!

I was a sophomore in college in Lakeland Fl. That morning I was sick. I slept in. I figured I would miss nothing more than an English class… But I could easily make the work up. I had no idea that the world I lived in would forever be changed that day. 

I woke up and turned on the TV around 9am. I saw the footage of what was going on. I was shocked. I was terrified. I was pissed! Was this really happening? Why would someone do this? 

I felt numb as I watched people leaping to their deaths from 100 floors above ground. And then all of a sudden… The first tower fell. And then the second. People were running. All were screaming. It was the most horrific thing I have ever seen in my life. 

All I could think of was when and where the next attack would go down? Was it over? What should I do?

I believe those were the questions everyone asked. 

And I believe in that moment… Most of us made 2 calls! Which shows the heart of most American citizens. 

1. To our families. 

It’s wild how in the worst moments imaginable… We want to make sure our family members are okay. We aren’t thinking about the disagreements we have had in the past. Or how we can’t call because we haven’t talked to the in forever… All that goes out the window. Because deep within us is a love for those we call family. 

I think about some of the last phone calls husbands made to their wives. Or mothers (knowing how bad the situation was) called their children for the last time. All to tell them they loved them. 

My heart breaks to even imagine that 14 years later! 

2. To Our God!

In the midst of tragedy… We instinctive cry out to God. Even people who do not consider themselves “religious.” The cries of “God help us” or “God save us” we’re being cried all over the Nation that day. We prayed for families of the attacks. We were confused and asking God why this event happened. 

I remember well the next Sunday following the attack. Churches all over our nation were packed. People hurting and confused. Looking for answers. And where did they go?!?!  To the house of God!

People during that time weren’t being quite. They were crying out! Seeking God for guidance, protection, and healing!

And God was and is always faithful to meet people where they are. 

What amazes me: In moments of great need we cry to God… But as time goes on… We reduce it to just a moment of silence. 

We go from seeking Him fervently to keeping him at a distance. From raising our voices to keeping our mouths closed. 

September 11th will always be one of the toughest days we will ever remember. 

But what if instead of bowing out heads and keeping our mouths closed… We lifted out heads and gave thanks and praise to the one who was watching over us the entire time. 

What if we opened our mouths and told the first responders around you today thanks for all their hard work. For putting themselves in harms way for our protection. 

What if we called our families today and just told them we loved them. That we forgive them. 

Today is not a day for silence! It’s a day we lift our voices! It’s a day to show the world we are Americans… And nothing can destroy us. Nothing!