Timing Is Everything

When it comes to a good joke, opening a business, or planning a trip… Timing is everything. If you crack a joke about Grandma’s death to soon… You’re a jerk. If you book a flight to late… You’re screwed. If you’re the last frozen yogurt shop to open in town… Chances are you’ve missed the opportunity to gain faithful customers. 

If you move to fast… People will reject your idea because they can’t see what you see. If you move to slow… People will reject your idea because it’s already been done before. 

Finding that middle ground can be one of the hardest thing to do in life. 

Timing is everything!

The great Yogi Berra once said:“You don’t have to hit the ball hard to hit a home run. If you get the timing right, it’ll go!”

The church I lead is coming into a season where the time is right to move! We voted to change the name of our church from Glad Tidings Church… to Coastal Virginia Church in early June. Yet we haven’t spent much time promoting the name change. 

We have been waiting for the right timing… And that timing is now!

With people getting back into their routines after summer… September is the month people begin looking for a church to attend. And we will make it as easy as possible to be seen. 

Throughout the next few weeks… Those who attend Coastal Virginia Church will be receiving many things with the new name on it. We have been cleared to build a new sign that will be next to Interstate 64! Thousands of people pass by this property every day. A multi-media push will begin soon. And much more. 

The excitement is building! A new day is here! Now is the time!

If you’re leading a Orginazation of any sort… Wait until the timing is right… And then move right away. Remember you don’t have to hit home runs… Just get the timing down and it’ll go!