They Could Care Less About Water On Mars

Congratulations NASA… You have successfully spent over $3 Billion on curiosity. You were curious if “life was on Mars.” And when you arrived an were not greeted by Marvin the Martian… You began to be curious if life could even exist on Mars. 

You have spent over $500 Million dollars a year wondering what “could be”… All while neglecting the “what is” right here on our own planet. 

The what is… Over 780 Million people on planet Earth still do not have clean water to drink. 


Half of the hospital beds around the world are filled with water related issues. Half!

Children are dying every day due to clean water issues. 

Yet… What is making big news is water has been found on a Planet we will never inhabit?!?!

But what if?

What if we as society decided this was unacceptable? What if we decided that people on our Planet matter more than the curiosity of another Planet? What if we decided to do away with Mars exploration? 

What could happen if we put the funds from exploration to establishing clean water around the world?

It would take $10 Billion Dollars to establish clean water and sanitation for all around the world. That sounds outrageous! Unless you realize just how much money we’re spending on things that do not matter…

Yes NASA… Water on Mars matters to no one! There was not one life on Planet Earth that benefited from your announcement. Yet many died yesterday because of the lack of fresh water here. 

Now… There are two options… 

  1. Contact your Senator or Congressman and begin to push for the end of Mars exploration. Instead we’d like to see humanitarian issues around the world come to the forefront. 

  2. Decide there is something YOU can do today. For around $12,000 you can build a clean water well for an entire village. Now I know that still seems like a lot. But you don’t have to do it alone. Gather a community together and attack the project. A church group. A Youth soccer league. Co-workers coming together. Anything!

Well done NASA… You found water on a Planet we will never visit… But our greater concern should be finding fresh water for people right here on ours. 

You can learn more about clean water effort from the team at The Water Project. 

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