The Underdogs

It’s that wonderful time of year again… March Madness. It’s the time of year where you stay up entirely to late to watch teams you had no idea existed take on the biggest names in College sports. And the only reason we watch this is because at times… The big dogs lose! It truly is madness!

We have already seen teams like UAB beat one of the hottest teams of the year in Iowa St. And we saw Georgia St. beat a Baylor team some thought could go all the way. 

We fill out our brackets every year thinking that the big schools have the best chance. After all, they recruit the better athletes, we tend to think. Yet something amazing happens as we watch and see the little guys hanging with the big dogs… We begin to cheer for them. 

 We love to see the underdogs win! 

In Basketball. 

In Movies… Think Rocky IV!

In Life. 

Throughout our lives we will feel like the underdog in many situations. The job may feel to big! The task is to hard. The kids… There are too many and they’re all crazy. We begin to think there is no way we can win. And that’s the moment when our strength runs out and Gods strength kicks in for us. 

What we first perceived as impossible… We now think can be possible with Gods help. 

I love the story in 2 Samual 23 of Shammah. He was one of Davids “Mighty Men.” Shammah went out to face an army by himself to protect a pea patch. To Shammah is was much more than a pea patch… It represented his families livelihood! It seems impossible for one man to stop an Army of men from taking over.

Shammah was a true underdog! Yet with Gods help, he was able to defeat an Army and keep his families pea patch!

The Bible is filled with many examples of Underdogs coming out victorious. And that seems to be the point!

If you find yourself in an Underdog role today… Be encouraged. You’re in good company. And it seems you’re in the right position for God to do something great through you!

Be Encouraged! You CAN win!

Brandon Hester

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