The Three People I Wish I Could Spend The Day With


  • John Adams
  • Mother Teresa
  • Jay Z

That was the answer I gave to a question asked to me yesterday. 

The question: If you could spend a day with 3 people… Dead or Alive… Who would it be and why?

Now I know what some of you are thinking! You’re a Pastor and you didn’t say Jesus! How dare you. Well I didn’t say Jesus because I spend time with him everyday. I believe his word is alive and well. He talks to me through his word. So no… Jesus wasn’t on my list. 

Here’s why I picked these three:

1. John Adams

If it weren’t for John Adams… There would be no America. This guy was the brain behind it all. Independence was in fact his idea. He spent so much time behind the scenes having meeting with others to convince them that Independece was “their idea!” And he succeeded. He was a leader in every sense of the word. And it has he who set the course of America. The guy was a genius. 

2. Mother Teresa

Perhaps the most Christ like figure that has walked the planet in my generation. Her compassion for the fatherless, the poor, and the hurting… Is something one can only achieve by spending time in the presence of God. Tapping into his heart and love for his people. She sacrificed so much on behalf of others. I would love to sit and learn how to love from her. She was an inspiration to all. Here’s how you know… Whenever someone does something good for someone else… People ask you if you’re trying to be Mother Teresa! How cool is that?!?! 

3. Jay Z

Sure he has some issues… But you can’t deny the fact that he is a lyrical genius and a really good business man. This guy started at the bottom and worked hard to find himself where he is today. He never settled for less then his best. He fought hard against the odds and won. And although he seems as if he has it all right now… He is still making very smart decisions to position himself for even more. He is proof that hard work and dedication to your craft will pay off if you stick with it. 

So there is my list. The 3 people I would love to spend a day with. Asking questions. Listening intently. And trying to learn as much as I can about leadership, compassion, and hard work. 

So now I ask you the same question… Who would be the 3 people… Dead or alive… That you would want to spend a day with?

Brandon Hester