The Prayers of a Child


There are moments when I wonder if I am doing this whole “Dad Thing” the right way. Being a Pastor… My girls are around people a lot. They spend numerous hours at the church. And there are many nights I haven’t been home to kiss them goodnight, because I am sitting with hurting, broken people. 

I don’t want them to grow up resenting church like so many Pastors kids do. So I often wonder what they are thinking when I tell them that we have to go back to the church for certain things. 

This go around it’s Easter. We’ve always spend numerous hours getting ready for such a big day. And this year it fell on Karsyns Spring Break. We weren’t able to go anywhere or do anything really. 

My girls were troopers though. They didn’t mind at all. 

We got together this morning for prayer as a staff before our Good Friday service. Dylan, our 4 year old, was by Tiffany. And Tiff heard her praying…

“God… Please let people come to church this Easter so they can know you!”

She was praying hard!

Tiff was crying… I was crying… The entire staff was crying…

They’re not only hearing us… They are getting it!

So that’s my prayer for you. The same prayer as Dylan. That you have the chance to go to a church. And if you don’t know Christ… You get a chance to meet him. 

Brandon Hester