The End Of RubberNecking!

Traffic has been horrible around here lately. It took me an hour and a half to get to work yesterday. Yes… There were a few accidents and I do hate that for them. But they weren’t the ones really holding up traffic. It was the people driving by at a snails pace trying to get a look at the accidents. 

Once people pass by real slow and see whatever it is they were looking for… They hit the gas and traffic moves again. 

It makes me so mad… And here is why. 

They are driving by really slow to LOOK with no intention to HELP!

And I’m guilty of this also…

I have passed by many situations where I was just looked or passed judgement without any intention of helping. 

2 problems with this…

1. I might could have helped.

Who knows… I may have had exactly what they needed. A wrench… A cell phone… I could have helped the situation but I didn’t. I just looked and passed right by. 

2. I could have totally misjudged what went on. 

Have you ever been stopped at a red light next to a homeless person. You try not to make eye contact because you know he wants money for drugs… Or alcohol. 

I actually got to know a guy at a red light a while back. We wasn’t on drugs. He didn’t drink. His family was killed in an automobile accident. It put his life in a tailspin he couldn’t get out of. 

I judged him before I knew him. And I was dead wrong. 

But what if…

What if we as people decided to stop rubbernecking. What if we decided to get involved in situations instead of passing by. What would that world look like?

All of you who read my posts… You’re some of the greatest people all over the world. Let’s all decide to get involved with the world around us. Let’s not miss moments where we can help. 

Find an opportunity this weekend to help someone in need. Let’s stop rubbernecking. 

Brandon Hester