The Diagram that Has Made Me ReThink My Life!


Nobody on the planet enjoys disappointing people. So in life we end up saying “yes” to things that really don’t matter. Over time it wears us down. We become exhausted with all the different things we are trying to do. All because we thought we couldn’t say “No!” 

I’m learning it’s ok to say no!

As a matter of fact… If I don’t say no, I end up giving my best time an energy to way to many things. With the help of a Mentor… I am beginning to get better at this. 

He recently had me read a book that has rocked my world. 

This book has been amazing for me. But within the first few pages was a diagram. This diagram made things come to life for me. I am committed to way to many things. I am spread to thin. I’m not giving my best to anything. And that all is about to end. Here is the diagram:

Does this resonate with you? Do you feel this way?Are you focusing your energy on many different things and only making a little progress on all of them? What would happen if you focused your energy on one thing? 

It feels awkward at first… But it’s so freeing! You’ll get your life back… And you’ll be more productive then ever before!

Try it!

Brandon Hester