The Best Job I’ll Ever Have! (A Lesson I Learned Through Prayer)

I’m just getting back from an incredible vacation with my family. We went to Smith Mountain Lake and it was everything everyone told us it would be. The water was so clear. The mountains surrounding the water were breathtaking! And the air still had a cool breeze in it. It was one of the greatest vacations I’ve had in a very long time. 

I was able to go out on the dock and drink coffee and read my bible every morning surrounded by quietness and beauty. The only sounds were birds chirping and fish jumping. That was until the girls woke up! Then the entire mountain knew the Hesters were alive and well. I simply loved those quiet moments by myself. 

It was early one morning that I was out praying for the church that I love to lead. Praying for God’s favor over our church and his people. Calling many of you by name out in prayer… That I heard God speak to my heart. I felt as if God asked me a question. 

The question… “Do you really love your job?” 

Of course I do… I wondered why that came up…  Until the next question came. 

“Is this the best job you’ve ever had?”

YES! I thought. Of course it is. I love my staff. I love the people. I love the location. It’s the best job I’ve ever had. I couldn’t imagine what else I’d rather be doing. 

That’s when I felt the correction coming! Like God was about to take me to the Principal’s Office. 

I heard God whisper to me… “It’s a great job. I know you love the people and the place… But it’s not the best job. The best job you’ll ever have is to be a great Husband and Daddy to those girls sleeping up in the cabin! That’s the job you don’t want to lose!”

He was right… Imagine that. All this time I have been working so hard… rightfully so… But trying to impress the wrong people. The ones that I need to impress are the ones that I go home with at night. I need to put down my computer and go swimming. Emails can wait. I need to make sure I get away with them more often. And when I’m away… Make them my focus. 

Up until this point… I wondered what would happen if I ever lost my job. The thought scared me. 

It doesn’t anymore. 

It’s a great job… One that I love with all of my heart and will work at as hard as I possibly can. A job surrounded by people I love to serve and serve with. But it’s just that… A great job. 

The best job I’ll ever have is found at home. Loving my girls. Being present for them. Celebrating the good moments. Crying in the tough ones. That’s a job I can never lose. Unless I make the “great job” priority. 

Hey Dads… Don’t get the great job mixed up with the best job! Money will never be more important than little kisses before bedtime. 

Lesson learned… And it’s actually very freeing! I dare you to try changing your perspective. 

Brandon Hester