Text from my 4 year old!

  So my 4 year old Daughter Dylan loves to grab our phones and text whoever is at the top of the list. 

Half the time people think we are drunk texting. And we have to explain to them that our 4 year old knows how to unlock our phones… Go into the messages… And then sends whatever she wants. 

So lucky this morning… I was at the top of the list on my wife’s phone. 

These were her text!


And this…


Her hand over the camera…



Us sleeping!

And then this…


A random box picture!

  1. Her spelling is awful. Even if she is 4. 
  2. Her picture taking ability. Even worse. 
  3. Unless it’s useless box pictures. She’s the Picaso of useless box pictures. 

God help me with this child!

Brandon Hester