Why you are just like the SeaHawks!

There was 30 seconds left in the game. It was second and goal from the one yard line. You have the NFL’s best running back behind you. What do you do?…

Of course everyone in the US knows in that moment you simply hand the ball off to your running back and you win the Super Bowl! That’s an easy call.

But that’s not what happened.

Pete Carroll made a decision to throw a quick slant pass. They had done that exact play several times this year and it worked. Yet this time there was a young Defensive Back who knew exactly what was going to happen. He had been studying his film. He jumps in front of the ball and intercepts it.


Pete Carroll was in disbelief. Richard Sherman was in disbelief. And I’m pretty sure all of the known world was as well!

“That was stupid” we all yelled. “Why would you do that?!?!” It was only one yard!

But that fact is that Pete Carroll made a call that he thought was best for the team.

Hindsight shows different.

How many times have you made a decision that in the moment you thought was the right call, only to realize later that it was a disaster.

If you’re like me… It’s many. And those decisions are costly.

So in reality… Our lives can absolutely reflect what happened in last nights game.

The difference… You didn’t make your decision in from of the largest audience on the planet.

So we will all spend the day talking about what a great game it was, and what a dumb call that was, and how if we were the coach, we would have done it different. And that’s fun… But also keep in mind that we all make stupid decisions in life.

Give the same grace to people that you are always asking for yourself!

Super Bowl vs. First Born

Richard Sherman finds himself in a potentially difficult spot this weekend.

He is about to experience the greatest feeling one could ever have. Becoming a father for the very first time. Yet he is also 48 hours from playing in his 2nd Super Bowl. The biggest game of his professional life.

What should he do if his wife goes into labor before the game. Leave? Stay and come after the game? There seems to be no right answer.

If he leaves… He lets down the team he’s worked hard to help build and could potentially lose the big game.

If he stays… He could miss his first child coming into the world!

That’s a crazy situation!

What would you do? Stay or leave?