Beyond the Stage: Why I started Blogging!


I meet a lot of people everyday. I’m really good with faces… I’m horrible with names. I call most of the guys I meet “Buddy” and most of the girls “Ma’am!” I hear a lot of interesting stories along the way from amazing people and I remember you by your stories.

You see, we are acquaintances by name but we’re connected by our stories.

I started blogging because I realize that many of you know me by the job that I do. But I want to give you a glimpse of the guy beyond the stage. A look into my life. My stories. So that you know that I’m a real person… Just like you.

A lot of Pastor’s put on a front like they have life all figured out. News flash…
They don’t. Nor do I… I’m just not afraid to show you my faults or struggles.

I’ve heard it said… “You create competition by sharing your successes… You create community by sharing your struggles. I’m blogging to create a sense of community between us all!

Now with that said… It’s not just going to be digital therapy for me. I will also be writing about the funny stories, leadership lessons learned, etc! Truly giving everyone a peak into who I am.

So… That’s why I blog. To share my story.

Now… It’s your turn. Leave a comment. Tell me who you are. Share a little bit of your story. Let’s begin to create community.