What’s Your Oscar Moment?

It’s Monday a.m. The Monday after the Oscars. And I have to be honest… I watched the Oscars again pretending I knew most of the movies… But the truth is I didn’t.

I think the Oscars are only slightly more entertaining than the WNBA!

But it did get me thinking about your own “Oscar Moments!”

Moments when you had to act a certain way. Or pretend to be something you’re not.

I have many!

One of my greatest works: I had been telling my parents I was spending the weekend at a friends house down the street. We were all close so it really never raised any suspicions. The truth was, we were spending nearly every weekend down in Panama City Beach, Florida. 3 1/2 hours away from home. Just sleeping wherever we could. We would all come back just in time for church. We would see our parents and all was well. But I was always tired… all of the time.

I knew why… But my parents didn’t. And I sure wasn’t going to tell them. They wound up taking me to the doctor…They thought something was wrong with me. They put me on all kind of natural substances trying to boost my energy level.

I never let on.

It was truly a work of art! I just acted like I had no idea what was going on.

Oscar worthy!

I finally came clean to my parents years later.

Dad laughed.
Mom didn’t.

So… What is your “Oscar Moment?”

What did you have to do? Act like you loved a gift? Act like you liked a guy/girl to be a good “wingman?”

Do share!