Why Christians Absolutely Should Celebrate Halloween!

My name is Brandon Hester… I’m a Pastor and I love Halloween. There, I said it. Let the stone throwing begin from all the religious people who read this.

I read an article in a popular Christian magazine a few days ago about how Christians absolutely should not celebrate Halloween. The author used everything from scriptures (out of context) to his own thoughts and convictions to try and make his point.

Even saying “For Christians to celebrate Halloween would be the same as Athiest having a nativity scene in their yards!”

You can read the article Here!

It doesn’t surprise me to read articles from religious spirited people this time of year. People who condemn others if they decide to pass out candy to children in their neighborhoods, bob for apples, or enjoy a hayride.  I know… That sounds all evil doesn’t it?!

Oddly enough… It’s usually people who wage a public war against Halloween that are the first to watch shows like the Walking Dead.  I’ve seen it all too often in the church world.

But not me. Not my house. We love this time of year.

Here are a few reasons I believe Christians should absolutely celebrate Halloween:

1. All extremes are dysfunctional!

Are there some people who take Halloween too far? Absolutely. Are there some people who hide in their houses with the lights off because they don’t want to give the appearance of “evil?” Absolutely. Are they both equally as weird? Absolutely.

You can’t live your life on the edges. You must find balance in all things.

If someone invites you to sacrifice something on Halloween night… Don’t go! And if someone invites you to their church for a “Hallelujah Festival” and to dress up like Bible Characters… Don’t go!

They’re both equally as strange. They’re both on opposite ends of the spectrum. And they’re both dysfunctional.

Enjoy passing out candy to little children while getting to know your neighbors better. Enjoy the excitement of your kids coming back with a bag full of junk and eating until they vomit.

And don’t forget the parent tax. Butterfingers and Reese’s belong to Dad!

2. You’ll never make a difference in your community if you’re stance is condemnation. 

News flash Christians… Most people already see us as hateful people. We can come across as arrogant “know it alls!” As if we’ve got life figured out.

And we all know… We don’t!

When we arrogantly tell people we don’t celebrate Halloween because it’s “evil”… We are condemning anyone who does. Making them feel as if they’re evil. And where do you go from there?

If you’ve made them feel evil… Will they come to your door when times get tough in their lives? Will they feel like they have a friend when they’re lonely? NO! No they will not!

Because you chose to lead with condemnation instead of love and acceptance… You have disqualified yourself from ever being able to speak into their lives.

Halloween is a great time to get to know your neighbors. It’s indeed the only night of the year where they will come to your door. You have the opportunity to show your neighbors that you’re a nice and approachable person. Strike up conversation with them. Set up a table and offer parents coffee or cider. Have a fire available to roast marshmallows.

It’s a huge moment for you to SHOW the love of Christ before you ever will be able to SHARE the love of Christ.

Allow your stance to be love to your community. Not condemnation.

3. It’s only an evil day if that’s what you want it to be!

Your children don’t know it’s an evil day. Ask them. I dare you. They will tell you it’s all about dressing up as something fun. Getting as much candy as possible. And then coming home to trade candy with each other.

The smiles on their faces show no fear. They aren’t thinking about the celebration of the underworld! And neither am I. Their Pastor Dad!

Nothing makes me smile more than when my little girls come out of the house dressed like a farmer and a chicken! And our neighbors weren’t afraid. They wanted to take pictures of the cuteness!

Look… We all know the history of Halloween. It was a pagan holiday used to celebrate all things death. It was weird.

BUT IT ALL CHANGED IN THE 1800’s! Look it up! The communities in the U.S. decided to do away all the demonic and evil stigmas associated with Halloween. It quickly became a community event for children. What it continues to be today!

Sure. Some people are always going to push the limits. But we shouldn’t run in fear. We shouldn’t let them ruin a day where we can get together as a community and have a great time.

We should redeem the day! Much like we have done with Christmas and Easter. Which also started as pagan holidays!

Get outside. Enjoy your children. Enjoy your neighbors. Don’t shut yourself inside somewhere loathing in your own self righteousness.

Remember… It was the religious people who also condemned Jesus for eating with sinners. He didn’t hide. He didn’t run. He sat and ate.

Would you rather make a point?… Or would you rather make a difference? That choice is up to you.