Sunday Night Mind Dump


Going to start doing a mind dump at the end of every Sunday night. These are just thoughts I have coming out of Sunday going into the following week. Sometimes they may be pointless. Sometimes you may find things interesting. These are MY thoughts and DO NOT reflect the opinions of Glad Tidings Church.

  • Great day today at GTC. 5 more people gave their lives to Christ. That’s 38 for 2015 so far.

  • 2 months from today Tiff and I head to Peru to meet the Pastor and Congregation of the first church we helped build in our 80/20 Experience.

  • If you’d like more info on what the 80/20 Experience is and how to help support… Email me! Let’s leave a legacy that will outlast us!

  • It was 70 degrees today and really made me miss summer. I hate winter.

  • We’re spending the week as a staff working on the new GTC website ideas as well as the new media suite. Big things are ahead.

  • Our Guest Services Director has been asked to judge a Guest Services competition coming up for hotels. That’s awesome.

  • I think my oldest daughter Karsyn is coming down with the flu… Pray for her!

  • The GTC Business meeting is coming up in a few weeks and I am beside myself excited to share what the future hold. Vision so big it scares me!

  • Monday’s are my off day and I’m looking forward to playing Golf!

  • If you ever have something you need me to pray for… Never hesitate to email me.

Have a great week!

Brandon Hester