Sunday Night Mind Dump (Vacation Edition)


  • First off… What another incredible weekend at GTC. And I wasn’t even there! Not that this is built around me anyway. But I was so proud of our staff! They knew exactly what to do!

  • First off… Rocky Russell brought a great leadership lesson Saturday at our All Staff meeting. 

  • Tim Ziegler did an incredible job bringing the word this morning. And best of all… Someone’s forever was completely changed by the power of the gospel!

  • Like I said… I’m on vacation. It’s only been 3 days so far… And I am feeling more relaxed then I have in the past 2 years. 

  • We’re at Smith Mountian Lake in Southwest Virginia… And it’s beautiful. The water is so clear. You can literally see 10′ down. 

– My Uncle Buddy and Aunt Kay have a Cabin here and have given us free reign! That’s always awesome. 

-They started out by taking us out on a boat ride and teaching us the lake. The girls LOVED it. 


  • The next day… My uncle pulled out this beauty. We rode all over the mountains… And everywhere we went people took pictures. It’s a 1970 Pontiac Judge convertible special edition. The car is worth upwards of $400,000! That’s more than my house!


  • Today… Guess who got their Boating License?!?! Now you can call me Capt. Brandon! I am now able to take the boats out with just me and the girls. And we had a blast today. They jumped off the boat and swam all day. 


  • The next five days will be more of the same. A lot of fishing, swimming, and sleeping. I truly needed this. 

  • I probably won’t post much this next week. Maybe once or so…  

-Have a great week friends. We love you all. 

Brandon Hester