Sunday Night Mind Dump


-Holy Cow… What an incredible Easter weekend! The final numbers are still coming in from online. But as of right now 700 in service and 32 Salvations! But I can say it was a truly amazing time. 

-I have the best and hardest working staff on the planet! They transformed many areas in the church in just 7 days. 

-My brother and his wife and girls were with me today for Easter. It was there first time up to Virginia Beach and they had a blast. 

-We leave for Peru in 4 days. I’m excited to meet the people of the church we helped build!

-I got a tattoo this past Tuesday. It’s my first. It did not hurt whatsoever. 


-Selah means to pause or rest and reflect on what is going on. It’s a constant reminder for me to make sure I take a break every now and again!

-I do not rest well! That’s something I’m working on. In the past…  Vacations scared me. I’m learning to like them now. 

-We had an egg hunt for our girls in the back yard. They found an egg with a dollar in it. They we disappointed. 

-I guess we should have put bigger bills in there. When I was younger… I would have sold my soul for a dollar. 

-I love my little family so much. I’m so proud of the way my girls have grown up. And Tiff is truly the best Mom in the world. 


Headed out with my family again! Happy Easter to all! 

Brandon Hester