Sunday Night Mind Dump


-What a great day at GTC. The place was packed and we saw 7 people find new life in Christ today. 

-So stoked about Easter this year. There are 4 ways you can attend. Friday 12pm, Sunday AM Sunrise down at the Ocean Front 6:30 am, Sunday AM at 10:30, and live stream online at

-I am not getting enough sleep due to March Madness. 

-My bracket it shot… But I still love it!

-Operation Blessing hooked us up. They gave us Thousands of dollars worth of bathroom vanities, crown molding, landscaping bricks, and more from Home Depot!

-If you’re looking for some great stories to read about normal people dealing with normal “stuff…” Check out Here!

-Baseball season is about to start…  Nationals should be good this year. I’m pumped. 

-We’ve redone our Master Bathroom this past week. I love doing projects. It actually helps me relax. 

-It’s my daughters Spring Break this week. Headed to Busch Gardens this week at some point. It’s hard for me to break away the week of Easter. 

-This cold weather is stupid. I’m so over it. 

-I’m starting to like Google Plus Communities more then any other social site. 

Ok…  I feel better. Have a great week. 

Brandon Hester