Sunday Night Mind Dump


  • Another incredible day at GTC. 2 people received Christ and Hundreds committed to reaching their neighborhoods! That makes 51 salvations for the year so far! YES JESUS!

  • So proud of all of our Church members serving around the community today. We had people serving anywhere from the Shamrock Race to the Greenville Prison. We’re truly making an impact. 

  • I truly love our church and the people that make it feel like family. That’s the number one thing visitors say every week…”this place just feels like family!” Thank you all for allowing me to play a part in this process. 

  • March Madness is in full affect and I love it. My bracket doesn’t look so bad this time around. I’m grateful. 

  • We created a league for our church to participate in. Last year we only had 10 participate. This year was full to capacity. It’s so much fun to see new life in the church. 

  • It takes all the right ingredients coming together to make something great. If one ingredient is off… It can ruin the entire thing. The same goes for all organizations. If you have one person out of place… It can ruin the organization. 

  • It was great to have Chris and Betsy Kelce worship with us this morning. They are incredible worship leaders doing incredible things for God. 

  • Bob Ross is an incredible painter… Molly Macdonald dressed like Bob Ross is even better! See that here!

  • It breaks my heart to hear of people leaving a church and still talking bad about the place. You were unhappy… Chances are they were unhappy you were there…. You left… Now be happy! 

  • This clip from the Jimmy Kemmel show is so stinking funny! Enjoy!

  • My girls have their first softball game this week. I’m pumped. Karsyn is really good!!!  Dylan… Well this is what she does the entire time while yelling “Who turned out the light!”


God help me with this kid!

  • Tomorrow is my off day, so that means you can find me on a Golf Course!

  • My favorite show come on CNN tonight called The Wonder List at 9pm. Amazing show about awesome places on earth. Check it out. 

Well I think that’s it. It’s all pretty random this week I know. Now I’ll be able to sleep. Love you all. Praying for you!

Brandon Hester