Sunday Night Mind Dump

Here is just a few thoughts I had ending one week and starting the next. 

-Incredible day at GTC! 2 people received new life in Christ today! And many others responded to a call from the Holy Spirit during worship.

-We honored a guy today that has been a part of the church for 73 of the 80 years GTC has existed. What an amazing guy. By the way… He turns 96 next month. 
-He spoke for a few moments and said something amazing. He said “My relationship with God and my relationship with my wife is what kept me going!” I so want to be like him!
-My daughters start softball tomorrow. I’m pumped and scared for them at the same time!
-I’ve already hit my oldest in the face with a ball. She lived and is still excited to play. That’s half the battle!
-We’re three weeks out from Easter and I’m getting pumped. I am believing God that we will see 100 people come to know Christ that day. 
-Spring is in the air… And I love it! So nice to have a warm day outside. 
-But with spring comes pollen…  So… Crap!
-A friend sent me a text and asked when Tiff’s birthday was. I told her March 9th...  It’s actually July 13th...  I can’t wait for her to call and say Happy birthday 4 months early. 
-She should have know when her birthday was! Some friend she is!

Brandon Hester