Sunday Night Mind Dump

  – It’s been such an incredible week. For the first time in months I was able to slow down and relax some. 

  • I intend to take control of my schedule instead of letting it control me. 

  • In doing this… I’ve had to say no to some things that I may have wanted to do, but it wasn’t the best use of my time. 

  • If you can get up enough courage to say no… It’s actually freeing! It’s amazing how much time you’ll get back. 

  • Today was an incredible day at GTC. Salvations, Baptism, and Pastor Essex bringing a challenging message. 

  • I’m so stinking excited for the future of our church… I can’t stand it. 

  • Our online viewing on Sunday’s is twice what it should be for our size church. If you can’t make it to service on Sunday’s… Check us out at

  • I’m crazy in love with my wife! I hope you all knew that already… But she’s freaking awesome. 

  • This is Karsyns last week of school. She’s so ready for summer. And so are we!

  • As soon as Karsyn gets out of school on Friday… We are headed over to my Uncles Cabin on Smith Mountain Lake! I’ve heard it is beautiful over there. 

  • I’ve got about 3 weeks to recoup before hitting the road again. First stop is North Dakota. I love the sky out there. 

  • I’m getting my summer reading list together… Starting with the book “Into Thin Air!” What are you reading this summer?!?!

Ok friends. I’m done now. Praying you all have a great week!

Brandon Hester