Sunday Night Mind Dump


-Great day today at GTC. It was a celebratory day including a Missionay to the NYC area, the participants of Fine Arts performing, a big announcement, followed by 5 people finding new life in Christ!

-We celebrate life change more then any of the other things. 

-The big announcement: on May 31st… We will come together as a church body and vote to change the name of our church. I’m super pumped about this!

-I had to judge over 40 sermons delivered by some amazing teens this weekend. I was so tired by the end… But I was also excited about the future ministry that will come from these students. 

-Because our students did so well at this competition… They will all be heading to compete in Orlando with about 10,000 other teens from around the U.S.

-I am so stinking tired of traveling. I’m almost done. I’ve got 3 more nights away in the up coming week. 

-That will put me away from my bed 14 nights out of the past 30 days. I’m over it. 

-So proud of some of my friends back in Alabama for putting on a Unity night with churches from all over the area. They had over 4,000 people come together to worship God and service the needs of the city!

-Big game 7 tomorrow night for the Washington Capitals. Hoping they can pull it out. They have a horrible game 7 record. 

-Mayweather vs. Pacquiao is coming this weekend! This has all the same feelings of the big ones! I’m pumped. 

-I’m taking Pacquiao by decision!

-I’m so ready for summer to get here. I’m tired of the up and down weather. 

-I’m trying hard to get rid of this stupid dog we got the girls. I’m desperate. I’ve finally got to the point to where I am just offering straight cash. Hoping this works. 

Ok friends… That’s all I have. Love you all. Praying you have a great week!

Brandon Hester