Sunday Night Mind Dump


-Wow… What a incredible day today at GTC. 23 lives were forever changed by Gods grace and forgiveness. 

-It never gets old seeing lives changed. It’s the driving force behind why we do what we do. 

-Our online community is growing every week. People are tuning in to GTC’s website and watching live. If you can’t make it to church. Please do the same. 

-It’s been a crazy long month filled with much travel. Im exhausted. 

-Packing up now for 3 more days in Baltimore. I’ve got meetings. I’m not going to riot!

-If I were to be a looter though… I’d be a very practical one. Stealing like deodorant and toothpaste and stuff like that. 

-All the craziness in Baltimore has over shadowed the truly sad issues in Nepal. That is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. 

-The Redskins got some great picks in the draft this year. Sure hoping they let RGIII go. 

-DC sports are representing. Capitals and Wizards in the playoffs. Nationals are improving every week. The Redskins better catch up. 

-I’ve got some really good posts coming out this week. I’m really excited about sharing them with you. Be on the look out. 

-Stayed up late last night watching the fight. I was hoping PacMan would win. You simply can’t go against Mayweather. He’s the man. 

-What was Jimmy Kimmel doing. He looked like he had just joined Run DMC. 

-I met my niece for the first time yesterday. She is a cutie.

 -Tiff’s family was in town for the weekend. It was great having them. 

-Watched that fight last night. Sort of a waste in time and definitely a waste of sleep. 

-Mayweather is an animal though. 

Ok… I’m done. Goodnight all and have a great week. 

Brandon Hester