Stop Being Boring!

  I had a mentor tell me a few years back that most Pastors tell boring stories… Because they live boring lives! And I think that may be the case for all of us. Most people aren’t interested in what we have to say because we don’t do anything interesting!

We all have that crazy Aunt, Uncle, Friend who you could sit for hours on end listening to them tell crazy stories about their lives. And there is a reason for that… They did things that were interesting. 

I sat with a guy last week that was an old Crabber in the Chespeake Bay. His stories were so over the top! I knew some of them were true… Some were probably lies… But they were all awesome!

Be somebody Awesome! Stop being boring!

Or maybe what you need today is a little “Pep Talk” from Kid President!

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Now go out and do something interesting! Happy Monday!

Brandon Hester