Sometimes The Mountain Wins!

     We’ve spent the last 24 hours trying to get acclimated to the air here in Cuzco. The city sits right at 12,000 ft. above sea level. I never knew there was a such thing as altitude sickness. Many have found out that it’s real. 

I have faired well so far… Tiffany has not. So we stayed behind yesterday and rested at the hotel. Once we got out… We realized so did half of the entire group. 

Tiff is feeling much better today and we are about to head out to meet a tribe that has been walking for 4 hours already this morning to meet us. That’s insane!

As for the group that went to visit churches yesterday… They’re all sick today. So it seems as if we have just flip-floped the group. 

There are many times you feel as though you can take on the world… And then sometimes… The Mountain wins!

Enjoy your day. 

Brandon Hester