She’s Not My Best Friend… She’s More

I will never forget as long as I live the moment I laid my eyes on her. Her smile was as bright as a sunrise over the Atlantic. Eyes so blue you felt as if you could dive right in. I knew right away I had to go over and introduce myself. The only problem…

We were at a funeral!

I couldn’t focus. I heard nothing of the ceremony. All I could think about was her. In all honesty… I couldn’t wait for the service to end so I could approach her. 

When the service ended… Everyone stood up. I lost her in the crowd. I looked everywhere… She was gone. 


Several weeks later…Out of the blue she showed up at the church where I was doing an internship. It was a midweek revival service that I did not want to be at. I remember her walking through the lobby doors and I silently freaked out on the inside… But played it cool on the outside. I introduced myself… It was quick. And not what I thought. 

I thought for sure she would fall in love with me right away. I thought she would be so distracted by my beauty that she forgot why she even came to church. But she didn’t. She just went inside and sat down. By herself. 

She’s confident… I like that! 

She left that night and I wondered if that was as far as our interaction would go. Maybe I blew it. What if she thought I was weird?!?!

It was the very next night that my world was flipped upside down forever. 

For the first time in my life… I was attempting to be a server at a special dinner. I had never served food before in my life. I was stressed and nervous. She walked in the door and that only added to my nervousness. 

She noticed what an awful job I was doing. And came over and asked if I needed help! 

That was 14 years ago but seems like yesterday. 

It has been an incredible journey with her. We’ve had our ups and downs. We’ve laughed together a lot.  And cried together when we’ve needed to. She has given me two beautiful daughters who are our world. And has continued to support me through all our life decisions. 

I’ve heard people say you need to marry your best friend. And that sounds great. But Tiffany is not my best friend. 

She is my soulmate!

She’s the one who makes me want to be better. She’s the one who will say hard things to me because she loves me. She knows me better than I know myself. 

But what separates her from other best friends… That smile. Those eyes. The way I still get a little nervous sometimes before I see her. 

You see it’s been 14 years… But when she walks in the room today… I still see that girl who made me crazy at the funeral. When we’re in a crowded room… I still find myself looking for her. Because I never want to lose sight of her again. 

I love this girl with everything in me. 

Friends… Let me encourage you today. Your soulmate is out there. You just need to go find them. Never ever ever settle. In the end… You’ll be glad you kept looking. I know I am!

Happy Birthday Tiff! 32 still looks a lot like 18 to me!  Ha!


Brandon Hester