She’s More Than My Wife!


In the Spring of 2001 I met the girl of my dreams at a funeral! Yes… A funeral! I’m that guy…  Ha! I still remember the dress she was wearing. I remember asking a friend who in the world she was, and why I hadn’t meet her before today. The blonde hair, the light blue eyes, immediately sucked me in and I knew I couldn’t spend another moment without her. 

The crazy part… She was going to attend the same little College in Florida that I was already attending. In the Summer of 2003 she became my wife. A lot of men define the roll of “wife” as the woman who takes care for their children, does their laundry, cooks most dinners, and at the end of the night we get to have sex with! And to be honest, that was my assumption as well going into marriage. Boy was I wrong! But she became so much more than that…

1. She became my Safe Spot!

Someone I could talk to about anything. I mean anything. And I knew whatever we talked about would just stay with us. She laughs with me on great days. She crys with me on hard days. She is always there to just listen. She doesn’t try to fix anything. She just listens. And most of the time… That’s all I really need her to do. 

2. She became my Counselor!

This is different from a safe spot because in this role… She has the freedom to say hard things to me. Things I may not want to hear. And because I know she cares for me and has my best interest in mind… I listen! Maybe not to everything she says. But I listen. And in the moments when I do find myself in a bind… It’s probably because I didn’t listen to her. 

3. She became my Biggest Fan!

There is rarely a day that goes by that she doesn’t tell me she loves me and is proud of me! And as a guy… Not only do I love that… I thrive off of that! I just want her to be proud of me. I find myself doing some of the same things I was doing back in 2001 to impress her. And although I know I look ridiculous at times… She still smiles and says “that’s great Brandon!” The same phrase she has been saying for nearly 14 years now. 

She’s my fan! Even when I suck! She still finds the best in me and pumps that up! I love it!

4. She became a source of Strength!

I have found myself in crazy tough situations in life. And in some of those moments I felt beat down, tired, and ready to give up! She reminds me that I can make it. In seasons when I want to quit… She won’t let me. It’s her strength that I’m able to draw from when I feel as though all of mine is gone. 

5. She became a Spiritual Mentor!

I have learned more about the character of God from watching my wife interact with people then from anyone else. The unconditional love she shows to those who are jerks to her is amazing. There have been many moment when she has had to correct me about how I handled a situation. Teaching me that I responded out of anger and not love. Her kindness, gentleness, love and patience is so evident. You just see God working in her and through her. It’s taught me so much!

Guys… That woman you married is so much more than a sandwich maker and a taxi service for your children. She’s more than a pretty face and someone to get naked with at night. 

She’s a contributing member of society! She has infinite value outside of your house! And if you’re really paying attention to her… She is probably the thing that is holding YOU together! 

In our 14 years together… I have learned that the little woman I meet at a funeral was more than a pretty face. She would be the greatest thing that ever happened to me. 

Husbands…  Please see that woman for who she really is! Your Rock!

Brandon Hester