She’s Growing Up Too Fast


I remember the night before she was born… I wondered if I was going to love her! Up until that point all I had known of her was the way she kicked my wife’s stomach. But the moment came! The moment I laid eyes on her I knew I would love her forever. 

Those big brown eyes would captivate me. I remember feeding her in the middle of the night and then just starring at each other until she faded back to sleep. She was our real life baby doll. And she was beautiful. 

With each passing year it’s hard to believe just how much fun we are having together. From the moment she began talking. She hasn’t stopped. She sings better than most adults. And nothing beats the moments when she just comes and lays with me on the couch. 


Her first day of Kindergarten… She was pumped. Me and her Momma cried. It was just going way to fast. This baby we just had was starting school. And she was still a mix of the little girl who loved her “babies” and a sassy little thing with a growing vocabulary. 


Well this weekend she turns 9!  What?!?!  Where in the world did those first 9 years go. I’d do anything to slow time down. It really sounds cliche… But it just goes way to fast!

I love you Karsyn! You’ll always be my little girl! 

Brandon Hester