Seasons… Change Is In The Air

A cool breeze is in the air. Warm coffee is in my hand. As I sit outside of my local Starbucks… I can feel autumn in the air. It feels amazing outside. 

Leaves are beginning to change. Football is on T.V. Everything has turned into Pumpkin Spice! I truly love this time of year. Autumn is quickly becoming my favorite season. 

The crazy thing about seasons… You feel the change coming before anything actually changes. 

Autumn doesn’t “officially” start until Sept. 23rd… But the cool morning temperature suggests it’s on its way. We shouldn’t wake up the morning of the 23rd and be shocked that it’s 20 degrees cooler outside. If you pay attention… You will know change is coming before it arrives. 

We just completed a season at our church… A change many knew was coming for quite some time. It didn’t take to many people by surprise. And we are now into a new season. An exciting season. A season of life and growth. 

I myself am entering into a new season of life. I can no longer lead our church the way I have led it for the past 2 1/2 years. The anxiety of making hard decisions can now be replaced with the excitement of make new decisions. 

I will no longer be driven to make the unhappy people happy. I can’t. But my attention will be on those who are excited about our church. 

My focus is now off of creating a welcoming atmosphere… And now on strengthening what we have to offer our community. 

Today starts a brand new season for myself and the church I have the privilege to lead. We felt the change coming for a while now… Yesterday we celebrate the arrival of the change. Today we walk in the newness of the season!

And it feels amazing!