Ready, Set, Wait!


Tiff and I were riding down the road yesterday and a DJ cam on the radio talking about having patience. He was going on and on… I finally yelled at the radio… “Shut up and play some music!”

Tiff looked over at me and said “you’re not hearing a thing he is saying are you?”

I admit it… I’m impatient. Very impatient. Whenever I make up my mind that I want something… I want it right now. If I order something online… I’ll pay whatever I need to pay for next day deliver!

But I’ve always been this way. Sometimes it has helped me in life. Many times it has hurt me. 

The lesson I am still learning today: You must slow down and give things time to develop!

Do you remember the science project our teachers gave us as kids where we planted a seed in a paper cup. We were told if it gets the proper amount of water and sunlight… It would grow. 

I found that exhilarating! I would actually see my seed grow. So I did what I was supposed to do on day 1… And day 2… And day 3… But I saw no results. So I dug the seed up to make sure it was still there. It was. 

I did this a few times before I realized the very thing that I had planted… I had killed… Because I was impaitent. 

I wanted to see results right away! But I failed to realize this important truth in life. 

Things move at the speed of seed!


They do not move at the speed that I want them to. 

This is an important life lesson. We want results, improvement, success right away. Yet it rarely happens that way. 

If you want to see growth… You must plant what you want to see happen. You must give it the proper care. You must wait patiently… And if you do. You will see the great results you’ve been wanting to see

Want to lose weight… It takes time. Be faithful. Be patient. 

Want to grow your savings account… It takes time. Be faithful. Be patient. 

Want a better relationship with your spouse… It takes time. Be faithful. Be patient. 

  • Plant what you want to see.
  • Be faithful to work at it. 
  • Be patient. Give it time to work. 

You’re so close to seeing results. Don’t dig it up!

Brandon Hester