Random Friday Thought


When I was little I learned a song in church about the “fruits” of the spirit. And it was the way that I was able to memorize them. Which is cool I guess… But the thought behind it was all wrong. 

I was told they were the “fruits” of the spirit with an “S” at the end. Like they were all different from one another. I thought that maybe I could have Joy… but lack Peace. I thought that maybe I could attain love but not have self control!

The truth: they are the “Fruit” of the spirit. They are multiple attitudes that make up one attitude. A Christ like attitude. So if you truly have Christ in your life…  You posses them all. And it’s your job to portray a Christ like attitude to the world. Which means…  It’s my job to show love, joy, kindness, goodness, etc… To everyone. 

That’s how you will be known. You can’t pick and choose what you believe you’re good at. 

Brandon Hester