Private Agenda Coming To Public Schools!

As a kid who grew up in public school, there were three things I looked forward to… Square pizza, school assemblies, and the Scholastic Paper that would come out with books for sale. 

I remember running home as fast as I could to take a look at what all books had come out. I would read every description of every book. I’d then circle the books I wanted and be ready to beg with everything in me when Mom and Dad got home to buy the books. 

I love to read. Anything I could get my hands on I would read. It was an adventure. It took my imagination everywhere. 

As I grew older… I forgot about the Scholastic Paper. Until my oldest daughter came through the door with one. And she was pumped. She went to her room and read about all the books… She circled the ones she wanted and then proceeded to come downstairs and beg her Mom and me to buy her the books. 

It was a cool moment. I was pumped. Until I recently heard of a book Scholastic is promoting to our kids. 

The name of the book is called “George” and it’s a book about being Transgender. 

Book description Here!

Their target audience is 3rd-7th graders! Their hope is that it will be in every library in the Country. That our kids will be able to get their hands on this book. To help them with the struggles of being Transgender. 

What the #@&$! Are they serious!

They use the story of Charolette’s Web to tell the story. In the book the boy wants to play the girl role because he feels more like a girl. The book is designed to make the reader feel sorry for the boy in the story. So they sympathize with him. 

Now again… These are 3rd-7th graders. They are impressionable. And all a little crazy! They still think Pizza Rolls are the greatest thing on the planet!

And many are already struggling with identity issues as they approach puberty. The last thing they need is a book telling them that if they feel like the opposite sex… Than just be the opposite sex. 

Nope… Not on our watch. 

It is up to us… the parents… to help shape our children. Not some stupid book coming from the libraries of our schools. Not strangers pushing their own agendas on our kids. 

And don’t get me wrong… This isn’t the schools fault. Our Public schools have the greatest Teachers and Adminstrators on the planet who love our kids and are aiding the parents in shaping the children. 

This is a private attack… Led by a self proclaimed “Gay Activist” David Levithan. Who happens to be the editorial director of Scholastic. He’s the one pushing this book into the spotlight… And into the Public Schools of America. 

A paper will be handed out to your kids soon. This book will be in it. And quite frankly… It makes my stomach turn. 

We’ve been saying for quite some time… Our families are under attack. This is just one more missle being launched our way. And this time… It’s directed at our kids. 

It’s time for us to fight back! We must do something. We’ve sat back for way to long. 

Contact Scholastic Here! Tell them under no circumstances should this book be allowed to come into our schools. 

Let’s take a stand for our kids. We will be the ones to shape them… Not some confusing book!

Help me get the word out!